Warcraft Addon updates: CrunkJuice and GronkIt!

A little while back I saw folks asking for an add-on which would make their warriors shout like Lil Jon when they activate shouts. This particular type of addon is something I’ve been dabbling with, so I made one for Battle Shout and Commanding Shout called CrunkJuice. It works when the buff is applied, no matter who applies it, so if you have a raid full of warriors it might get kinda funny.

I’m not putting it on Curse or Wowinterface yet, right now it’s just a zip file on my dropbox. Not yet ready to dive into full add-on authorship and the headaches that entails yet.

CrunkJuice is based off my personal yelling addon, GronkIt!, which is in turn based on SaySapped (which I recommend as a bare minimum for PvP.) GronkIt takes the modification I always make to SaySapped (changing Say to Yell) and adds in more spell detection.

Right now GronkIt!:

  • Announces when anyone uses a Heroism-like effect with “Hroom hroom, time to get hasty!” because I like Ents I cannot lie. There’s faction-specific yells in the code if you’d like that instead.
  • Yells when you’re sapped.
  • Prints messages to chat frame when you turn Burning Rush on and off.
  • Prints messages to chat frame when rogue poisons fall off.

There’s no UI to configure things with these addons yet, since they’re personal ones with simple LUA. Perhaps I’ll break them apart in the future. 

I’ve found the Heroism/Bloodlust announcement to be the most useful, as it makes it very clear in a battleground when someone fires off their CD and I know I should take advantage of it. It’s hard to miss when I start yelling like an Ent.