The effects of 5.2 Battleground scaling, illustrated.

Pictures on the left are unbuffed stats in ‘normal’ Azeroth. The right are in a 85-89 battleground, now affected by stat scaling. From top to bottom, these are my Defensive PvP set (lots of Cata PvP gear, some Mists gear), PvE set (full Mists blues), and my Offensive PvP set (a little PvP gear, Mists gear gemmed for PvP Power). 

These don’t appear to be tooltip issues. Stuff hits weaker. Spells cast slower. Health pools are larger but damage is down. Oddly, I missed a lot tonight. I never miss! But I was missing tonight.

If this is supposed to equalize the brackets by bringing me up to the level of 89s - it’s not doing that. It’s actually doing the exact opposite by weakening my overall ability. Bringing characters - but not their gear - up to the max level of the bracket puts them at a worse disadvantage than they were at before.