For Arathi Basin, my last achievement was [To The Rescue!], recapture 50 bases. This involves:

  1. Having a base you control 
  2. get attacked by the enemy
  3. and you recapture it in the 53 seconds before it flips to their control.

I started off with a paltry 13/50, having spent my career in Arathi Basin defending bases to prevent them from flipping in the first place, and never, ever leaving my post once I was defending the flag. I had to change my mindset from doing things “right” to becoming as aggressive as possible with the flags.¬†

This wasn’t a bad shift, actually. By constantly running to the attacked base, even my late recaps (and there were a lot) usually helped retake bases before they could be reinforced by the Horde. (And if the base I just left got assaulted, that gave me another base to chase after. I don’t have a lot of shame.)

This took weeks to finish. At first it was slow going; I had trouble getting into the right rhythm, I wasn’t aggressive enough, I didn’t focus on clearing bases really quickly.¬†

But after 20 or so, I found a groove. Most games saw a recap, some 3-4. The games were infrequent but productive. I watched my AB rep climb (worth noting for the eventual Justicar grind) and remembered how this BG is one of the best. I love Arathi Basin; it’s a great mix of strategy and PvP and it lets me use all my engineering toys.

Oh yes. Engineering toys; the Goblin Glider is incredible for covering distances quickly. If you are approaching the Mine from the ST/FM, ride a little along the upper road and then hit your glider. You’ll get all the way down to the flag much faster than when mounted. (Plus you sail over any defensive perimeters they may have set up.)

Water walking on the Felsteed also helped tremendously. Not even going to think about lying there.

So: 2/5ths of the way to Battlemaster. All that remains:

  • 10 WSG wins
  • 5 WSG flag returns
  • 25 Strand wins
  • 39 Eye of the Storm wins

WSG will be next, I think.