Artist Appreciation: Phil Noto’s Hank Pym’s Photo Archive. 

This is one of my favorite projects by an artist. Not only is each of his works beautifully detailed, but Noto also seems to turn these fictional superheroes into real life people. I love the use of actual dates in order to show us a glimpse into the real lives of these characters. I feel like I would see this “photographs” in old issues of TIME Magazine or something. Fantastic.

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I love this so much

He’s so great at making them real. 

Oh wow, these are so lovely.

I want a coffee table book of this.

Lovely. I agree: would love to have a whole book of these on my coffee table. No story necessary. Paging Marvel - can’t you guys plleeeeeezze make this happen?

I was not prepared for how this would make me feel: it’s not just incredibly cool, it’s surprisingly emotional.

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