grooms seing their brides for the first time on their wedding day - i think i may have already reblogged this but its so wonderful ah.

I will probably bawl every ounce of water in my body out from all the crying that will happen when I see my future wife in a wedding dress. Like, not even kidding.

please someone love me like this :(

My husband’s had the best smile on this face.

So, a little story about my wedding.

I was nervous, like most grooms, but mostly the day had been really pleasant seeing old friends and family and watching my sister and mother in law patrol guests like a pair of bloodhounds, refusing to allow people who had disobeyed the one request on the invitation - thou shalt not wear scented products today. I got one day where my allergies didn’t bother me, and it was this day.

But I digress.

I’m standing up at the altar with my best man when they start getting ready. My mother is staring right at me. I raised my eyebrow, smiled, then went back to watching the door. There was still conversation going around and I relaxed into it. My aunt said something, and I remember my mom’s voice very clearly.

"No, I’m watching him. We all know she’s going to be lovely. He’s going to be the interesting one to watch the moment she steps through that door.”

And she was absolutely, 100% right.