I ran Temple of the Jade Serpent with @soetzufit this afternoon on my locked 85 Warlock for some baseline DPS numbers. I hit some peaks - 115-120k on each boss was normal, and I think I had a 140k peak on the Jade Serpent boss in the courtyard. I tanked a lot but it was okay, bosses don’t hit hard and I have CDs.

Wise Mari ended at 35k, which I feel bad about because it’s an add fight and the pauses kill your throughput. Generally I bang on the conjured water elementals and unload a CB barrage on Wise Mari, but he takes FOREVER to die. (All the while your DPS drops.)

Pulled 83k on the library trash, hit some nice 100k+ peaks but it’s trash. I was warming up though.

60k on the library boss because we just DPS through the immunity phases. Was riding along pretty high above 100k for most of this fight until we had to switch - and then I sat and waited for the immunity to end, building embers. The start of the fight is great because of Havoc - I usually can double dragon right off the bat.

90k on Liu Flameheart, which was a good fight that I tanked pretty much from start to finish. Here’s where I had the 145k burst. The DPS warrior said he should go take a nap because I was doing 70% of the damage.

82k on the Sha of Doubt, which is a tough fight because of the add phases. I tried to make sure I had high embers going in to that phase so I could Fire and Brimstone Conflag/Immo/Incinerate. Generally DPS is not high enough so that we avoid the second one of those phases.

I know I’ve done better on each of these fights - I’ve finished up the library fight at 105k, and Liu Flameheart at 125k - but this is fairly representative of what I can do in full Mists gear. This is also where the phrase “calm down lock ur making us look bad” comes from, since there’s a big difference when you are in 450s instead of 377s.

Thanks Tzufit for coming along and helping heal! It was a fun little experiment.

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