I’m like pretty sure that this isn’t the original source but I know nothing about cosplay except that this is really good?? The source I have says it’s by Korean cosplayer Doremi, though!!

jesus h christ gOD BLESS AMERICA

I’ve always wondered why her hair is grey now though

what happened

Theramore exploded because of a mana ‘nuke’ that was dropped on Theramore; I think her absorbing some of the magical fallout from that caused her to surge with massive amounts of power, thus turning her hair (except for one, horrificly ugly streak) gray.

At least, that’s what I think happened. I didn’t pay much attention during the event.

This is one fucking gorgeous cosplay though, hhmngh.

I saw the first picture and I was like “Oh, it’s Kuja!”

that skirt tho.

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