I needed 3 more flag returns for [Persistent Defender], the last of the “be faster to click on things than your teammates” achievements for Battlemaster. 

I got 8. Eight. I was on FIRE.

We went down 0-2 early on and I switched tactics from pursuit to ambush. I’d spent a long and frustrating fight against a blood DK and 2 healers (which I did well in, took out a healer and almost soloed the DK) without any real success.

So, instead of trying to stop them as they came across midfield and chasing them into their base, I would lay in wait for the EFC to pick up the flag and then nuke the hell out of them before they got away. As they approached the flag I would pop CDs and unleash a Chaos Bolt. As they ran away I would Conflag snare them and Fel Flame them down the hall.

It was just me and them, and they were focused on escape. They couldn’t kill me - I’d outlasted their EFC with healers - and I was careful to stack suns and snares and fears intermixed with nukes so that the five seconds after picking up the flag were the worst of the game.

After three, I got Persistent Defender. That was pretty damn cool.

After five, I got [Frenzied Defender] (5 caps in one game), which I’d had on my DK Cynwulf but never thought I’d get on Cynwise.  

After seven, I remarked to Zable that I was way past my personal best.

At eight, I was pretty sure I needed to go have a workout after running up that score so much.

I knew I would have to change my playstyle up a bit to get these achievements, and I wish I’d had more time to experiment with different ways to do it on a warlock. I think this is probably the best way to go about defending, though - have one strong defender to counter snatchers, focus the rest on offense. If I’d done it earlier, we might have won.

Remaining Battlemaster tasks: 8 WSG wins, 25 Strand wins, 40 EotS wins. I can do this.

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