The call came out tonight, LFM Sha. Some folks in my guild were going - Snacks and Maeli deepsing, Mel tanking - and they needed DPS. I was pretty eager to go, having missed out on several earlier Sha groups but doing the fight as best I could outside the raid group, mostly killing Horde and adds.

See, my main - she’s still 85. She has an ilvl of 431 and does an average of 45k-50k DPS in a boss fight. Favorable fights with great tanks I’ve pulled 115k DPS with her. But Sha is hard - lots of misses - but I’ve done 40k on a good Sha fight before, which I know is better than some 90s can manage.

So Snack finagles me an invite, and Cynwise goes for a Sha kill at 85.

I don’t know a lot about the fight, but my guildmates do, and three tanks are the first problem. The healers were bad, too, which pains me to say but reasonable folks pointed to healing as a problem, so I’ll go with it. Adds were everywhere. I did a good job of just staying alive against them, but they weren’t tanked, they weren’t dying, so we wiped at 13%. Ok. This happens. Reasonable discussion of what killed us (motherfucking adds on the motherfucking plain) and what needed to change.

Someone said, hey, we have 85s in here, and I knew what was coming next. My DPS was low - 20k - because I was in the boss, and that means I missed a lot. Switching to the untanked adds meant I spent a lot of time blowing defensive CDs, and run backs eat up time. I knew I could do better, but I also knew that I was going to be kicked. Okay. I get it, you kick the low deeps, a gimmicky twink doesn’t get a free pass.

To the leaders credit, he was polite and focused on the low DPS, not Cynwise’s level. Being 85 wasn’t mentioned. I said I understood, wished him luck, and offered to stay even if I wasn’t part if the raid group. It doesn’t matter if the problem isn’t the DPS, I’ve done VoA pugs, I know the drill. At least I could help my guildmates get some loot.

I said in /g, they’re asking me to leave.

Snack replied, they just kicked you.

I left, I said. They were very polite but my DPS was too low. It’s fine.

The hell it is, replied Snack. It’s not okay. We are a team. We’re walking.

Okay, I said, stunned, as Waypoint dropped out of the raid.

Actions speak louder than words.

Don’t get me wrong - I think the raid leader was within his rights to ask me to leave. He was courteous and professional, and he used complete sentences. These are not things to take lightly!

And I also would have never asked my guild to leave a raid for me. The thought never even crossed my mind! I’ve been … well, not in, but alongside other guildmates where the raid leader says no, but I hang out and kill things anyways. I cheered on my friends, because I know my limits are self-imposed and my goals are not theirs. This is okay! Celebrating difference is good.

But when your guild stands with you and says, no, we will not do this without Cyn, because he’s one of us, and kicking him means you kick us too -

- that’s when you know your friends really have your back. They have your back even when you don’t think you need it, but you do.

Thanks, Waypoint.

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