It started with my Guardian wanting a sword. So I got her Bonetti’s Rapier and a snazzy torch to give her a nice damage build to complement her newfound staff support skills. Who was I to say no?

Then she wanted to go back to mace and shield - muttering something about wanting to feel indestructible again - so I looked on the new Trading Post and discovered Moonshine. It’s a mace. Bottle. Bottle-mace. PERFECT, she said.

So I got a Kyrtian shield for my formerly dignified Kyrtian noblewoman who was now brandishing a bottle at centaurs. Gleefully brandishing, I might add.

Finally, she said she wanted to be a pirate. We’re in the Straits of Desolation and Sparkfly Fen and she finally is like, listen, it’s time to ditch the plate mail, it’s too damn hot in this weather, I smell like rust, let’s try on the pirate outfit. I told her she was being totally transparent and contradictory because pirate gear isn’t nearly as protective and she muttered about Walt Whitman and small minds. I don’t know who taught her about American existentialist poetry but I wish they hadn’t.


So my Guardian — Pact Commander Aeryn Greyholt, operative of the Order of Whispers, Hero of Shaemoor, Scion of the Kyrtian Noble Houses of Greyholt and Eastmarch — decided she wanted to dress like a pirate.

Who was I to say no?