It might seem a bit indulgent to spill ink deconstructing a promotional video, but the six minute clip left us wondering what role Blizzard actually plays in the industry. Does their stability allow them the freedom to be trendsetters, or are they just as beholden to industry forces and ideology as any other developer?

Great article analyzing the game industry culture. Definitely read the whole thing.

Working For the Love of the Game: The Problem With Blizzard’s Recruitment Video :: Games :: Features :: Paste

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There’s a lot to be said here about the labor of fans and the labor of love, of seeking out new talent versus being unable to fully become a stable environment that attracts mature talent, of fostering growth alongside creative and financial success.

There’s a lot to be said.


Your To-Do List For Monday


Hello Tumblr,

  1. Find your representative. Call them and ask for Cameras For Cops.
  2. Find your senator. Call them and ask for Cameras For Cops.

When they ask why you’re calling, tell them:

"I’m call to request legislation requiring all police officers to wear camera and for them to record audio and video at all times while they are on duty."

That’s it. It won’t take long. We have to let them know we’re tired.